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Compila il form con le tue richieste e realizzeremo insieme il prodotto sostenibile più adatto alla tua azienda.

NaturWorld Spa

Sede legale: Piazza delle Repubblica, 9 – 20121 – Milano
Sede operativa: Via Roma, 8/4 – 16121 – Genova

Telefono: +39 010 7963204
Fax: +39 010 8979111

NaturWorld for a sustainable future

Our goal is to develop innovative solutions that are tailored to your needs and make your company eco-friendly. We follow your company’s product ideas from conception to realization in order to integrate ad hoc biopolymer materials into your production and commercial processes.

Smart solutions

Towards a circular economy

Sustainable materials represent the heart and soul of what we do. Our core values are inspired by the concept of a circular economy, a system based on reintroducing existing resources into future production cycles thereby minimizing waste. Issues concerning the use of conventional plastic primarily involve its production, especially the unsustainable way in which it is procured, and the poor recyclability of products already in circulation. Our mission is to facilitate the creation of alternative products that have no environmental impact whatsoever through a 100% sustainable supply chain.
Smart alternatives do exist. Welcome to the world of biopolymers.

We analyze your needs and develop your own tailored solution

We align our objectives.

We create a prototype.

We realize your final product.

Tailored Solutions

Our extensive experience in the field of bioplastics and eco-sustainable materials allows us to work across multiple industries. We currently provide our services as solution providers for businesses belonging to a wide a range of sectors:

Why choose our bioplastic?

NaturWorld’s exclusive biodegradable polymer blend is the result of years of biotech research. The technical characteristics at the heart of our products mean clients can count on the highest standards of quality. Each and every NaturWorld product is designed to be:

Biodegradable and compostable

Technically high-performing

Completely integrated into pre-existing production lines

In compliance with all rules and regulations relating to each sector of reference respectively.