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Compila il form con le tue richieste e realizzeremo insieme il prodotto sostenibile più adatto alla tua azienda.

NaturWorld Spa

Sede legale: Piazza delle Repubblica, 9 – 20121 – Milano
Sede operativa: Via Roma, 8/4 – 16121 – Genova

Telefono: +39 010 7963204
Fax: +39 010 8979111


Working with you to make the automotive sector more sustainable.

The automotive industry has come a long way when it comes to protecting the environment, especially when we think of the recent development of less polluting engines, however, when it comes to using plastic responsibly, the sector as a whole has a long way to go.Traditional materials, those still commonly used to this day, can be replaced with biopolymers with the exact same characteristics.

What we can do for you

Our scientific know-how allows us to work alongside your company, developing eco-friendly products that are tailored to your needs. We are the solution provider that will accompany your business towards a more sustainable future.We provide a vast range of sustainable materials and are able to produce protective products for interiors that can be calibrated for all phases, from production to vehicle revision and repairs. Our products are customizable, they allow for high-resolution printing and ensure high performance in terms of both thermal and mechanical requirements.

Steering wheel covers

Gearstick covers


Seat covers

Want to make your business more sustainable?

Contact us and together we will design the product that best meets your needs.

About our materials

Our products are created using renewable resources, such as organic fibers, which reduce the use of petroleum derivatives. They are entirely biodegradable and contribute to limiting the amount of unrecyclable waste.