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Compila il form con le tue richieste e realizzeremo insieme il prodotto sostenibile più adatto alla tua azienda.

NaturWorld Spa

Sede legale: Piazza delle Repubblica, 9 – 20121 – Milano
Sede operativa: Via Roma, 8/4 – 16121 – Genova

Telefono: +39 010 7963204
Fax: +39 010 8979111

About us

The story of a company that looks to the future

The level of know-how gained from over twenty years of experience in the fields of bioplastics and smart materials have allowed us to become an active reality representing the sector.Today, we are an innovative enterprise committed to designing and creating bioplastics that are biodegradable and compostable. We study your needs and develop tailored solutions to replace traditional plastics.

A production capacity of over 6,000 tonnes per year.

The integration of a production plant within the company structure makes our company an operator capable of following every phase of a project, from conception to production. Through a staff attentive to the customer’s needs, we select the best performing raw materials according to the process phases. We provide a total guarantee of traceability of the products, ingredients and processing phases of each individual batch. A dedicated team of over 70 professionals takes care of quality assurance through an in-house laboratory where tests and trials are carried out on individual production batches before they are sent out.

“Sustainable development is capable of satisfying today’s needs without compromising future generations’ ability to satisfy theirs”.

(Emmanuel Agius, 1986)

Now more than ever the real challenge is preserving the environment for future generations. NaturWorld is committed to respecting nature and, thanks to our constant research efforts, we are able to develop smart solutions with zero environmental impact. NaturWorld is the ideal partner for those who aim to operate sustainably and respectfully with regards to the environment.

Pillars: our core values