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Compila il form con le tue richieste e realizzeremo insieme il prodotto sostenibile più adatto alla tua azienda.

NaturWorld Spa

Sede legale: Piazza delle Repubblica, 9 – 20121 – Milano
Sede operativa: Via Roma, 8/4 – 16121 – Genova

Telefono: +39 010 7963204
Fax: +39 010 8979111


Every crisis hides an opportunity. And if the crisis we are going through is the worst since the war, we should reflect to understand what the real possibilities for change are.

Surely one of the consequences of the pandemic has been the intensification of the debate on how to deal with the environmental problems that afflict our planet, among the various issues of significant importance. Themes, which have long been on the agendas of states and organisations, have finally found the widespread attention they deserve.

The endemic spread of human activities and lack of respect for the environment is causing the emergence of biodiversity. An environment altered and severely tested by pollution favours the spread of anomalous episodes such as the current pandemic.

Being sustainable, for individuals, companies and countries, means being on the right side of social change and contributing to the health of the entire planet. For this reason, it is important that companies integrate sustainability into their long-term strategies, that is, that they develop a solid business strategy, aimed at navigating the environmental and social change we are experiencing.

In Natur World, this new business model is based on business-consumer collaboration, to create a different, more ecological consumer culture, based on recycling and respect for the environment, following the virtuous principles of the circular economy.

The introduction of green marketing makes it necessary to make use of new technologies and increase the use of alternative materials to concretely contribute to the creation of a better future.

The companies that will be able to move in this direction, opening up to sustainable innovation, are those that will achieve real future growth.